The Survey and Mapping Division of Coastal Magnet is committed to providing professional land surveying services for large multi and single family housing developments, commercial office and retail centers, community parks, recreational facilities, golf courses, and public roadways and utilities. Our Division possesses the latest in GPS technology.

Coastal Magnet’s surveying services and capabilities include the following:

Flood Mapping Services

• Elevation Certificates
• LOMR – Letters of Map Revisions
• LOMA – Letters of Map Amendments
• V-Zone Rating Forms

For more information on how Coastal Magnet can assist you with Coastal Flood Zone Revisions, please visit our website for these specialized services at

Boundary Topographic Surveys

• ALTA / ACSM Surveys
• FDEP Archeological Mapping
• Lot and Block Surveys
• Metes and Bounds Surveys
• Subdivision Plats
• Contour Maps
• Cross-Sections of Highways/Roads/Lakes
• Photogrammetric Control

State / County Agency Services

• Coastal Construction Control Line Surveys
• Submerged Land Lease Surveys
• Hydrographic Surveys
• Mean High Water Surveys
• Right of Way Surveys

Construction Layout

• Residential Development
• Commercial Development
• Industrial Development
• Highways and Bridges


• Inlet & Beach Monitoring
• Right-of-Way Acquisition • Legal Descriptions
• Specific Purpose Surveys
• Condominium Document Exhibits
• Expert Witness

Coastal Magnet has and maintains an extensive library containing aerial photography, reference manuals, subdivision plat books, and flood insurance maps. These resources enable the Survey and Mapping Division Staff to instantaneously provide essential information to our clients.

In addition to experienced survey staff, the division is able to call upon the other divisions within the Coastal Magnet corporate structure to develop a comprehensive project team. With our diverse professional structure, we can manage complex projects in a timely and cost effective manner.

For more information, please contact Coastal Magnet, 954-369-0090,