Coastal Magnet has provided decades of marina and waterfront design services to clients both in the U.S. and abroad. Coastal Magnet strives to deliver comprehensive designs that balance aesthetics, functionality and ease of permitting with the unique hydraulic and environmental characteristics of the project area.

Our engineers have the ability to utilize Coastal Magnet’s broad range of services including environmental permitting, data collection and coastal modeling to create ideal final products for our clients based upon their needs and existing site conditions.

The specialties and capabilities of our waterfront development professionals include the following:

Marina & Waterfront Design

• Waterfront Recreational Facilities
• Docks, Piers, Boat Ramps & Seawalls
• Basin Dredging
• Mooring Fields & Anchoring Grounds
• Channel Design & Signage

Design Support Services

• Harbor Management Plans
• Environmental Permitting
• Stormwater Management
• Mitigation Planning

Inspection & Diving Services

• Docks, Piers, Boat Ramps & Seawalls
• Subaqueous Crossings
• Coastal Infrastructure
• Scour Assessments