Coastal Magnet performs high quality marine and hydrographic surveys that are critical to the design and permitting of coastal and wetland projects. In support of our planning and engineering designs, our team utilizes state-of-the-art instrumentation, data collection systems and techniques.

The specialties and capabilities of our data collection and geotechnical professionals include the following:

Hydrographic Services

• Bathymetric Surveys
• Side Scan Sonar Surveys
• Magnetometer Surveys
• Water & Sediment Quality Monitoring
• Vegetation & Wetlands Mapping
• Construction Surveys

Geologic Services

• Geophysical Surveys
• Seismic Surveys
• Sub-bottom Profiling
• Sediment Sampling & Analysis
• Vibracore Collection
• Jet Probe Studies
• Fence Diagrams
• Geological Mapping
• Sand Source & Borrow Areas
• Penetrometer Studies

A dye study shows flow divergence at a channel intersection in a coastal estuary.

Coastal Magnet has conducted and overseen thousands of miles of geophysical surveys including bathymetric, side-scan sonar, seismic, and magnetometer surveys. We have sampled and overseen the collection of hundreds of vibracores and jet probes, underwater sediment sampling by divers, and bottom sediment sampling by barge-mounted clamshells. Our key personnel have reviewed geological and geotechnical data to rank borrow areas, determined available quantities, and characterized the compatibility of borrow material composition, grain size and color to native material. These services are often utilized by Coastal Magnet in support of comprehensive project services to provide probable opinion of construction costs and to verify proper construction upon project completion.

Coastal Magnet has also developed technical specifications describing special handling methods for turbidity controls of silty/fine sediments and special equipment requirements for coarse sediments. Our sediment analyses typically include splitting and logging of cores, photographing samples, color analysis, gradation analysis, and sediment composition. For more information, please contact Coastal Magnet, 954-369-0090,