Coastal Magnet provides comprehensive, high quality environmental services for our public and private sector clients.  Our credentialed professionals have an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the regulatory process and are experienced in successfully and cost-effectively integrating required environmental considerations into a project.  By using a rigorous science-based analysis, we are able to assist our clients in attaining their goals while fully addressing and complying with the federal, state and local environmental requirements.

The specialties and capabilities of our environmental permitting professionals include:

Permitting and Compliance

• Department of the Army Permits
• Florida Department of Environmental Protection
  *Environmental Resource Permits – ERP
  *Coastal Construction Control Line Permits – CCCL
  *Joint Coastal Permits – JCP
  *Submerged Land Leases – SLL
• Local Municipality Environmental Permits
• NEPA Documentation (EIS, EA, FONSI and related documents)
• Wetland Delineations
• Permit Compliance & Monitoring Services

Due Diligence

• Permit History Research and Synopses
• Environmental Alternatives Analyses
• Expert Opinion Services

Habitat Assessment

• Flora and Fauna Surveys
• Vegetation and Habitat Mapping
• Wetland Assessments

Protected Species

• Listed Species Surveys/Assessments
• Federal/State Endangered Species Act Services
• Biological Opinion Coordination (USFWS)
• Gopher Tortoise Surveys & Relocation Services

Environmental Problem Solving

• Permit and Compliance Issue Resolution
• Conflict Resolution with Stakeholders
• Consent Order Issue Resolution
• Enforcement Action Assistance

Marine & Coastal Specialty Services

• Seagrass Assessment & Monitoring
• Hard & Soft Bottom Assessment & Monitoring
• Mangrove Habitat Assessment & Monitoring
• Manatee Protection Plan Consistency Assessments
• Section 7 Consultation Coordination (USACE/NMFS)
• Essential Fish Habitat Coordination (USACE/NMFS)
• Dune Vegetation Restoration & Monitoring
• Shorebird Habitat Restoration/Creation & Monitoring
• Coastal Barrier Resources Act Disaster Relief Assistance Services
• Florida State Emergency Response Team Public Assistance Process Services

Steps to Success

Understanding the myriad environmental requirements that must be addressed in order for projects to move forward without unnecessary delays and expenses requires experienced environmental professionals that understand the science and art of regulatory process. Coastal Magnet’s scientists have decades of experience helping clients navigate the environmental regulatory process and obtain the permits and authorizations needed to turn concepts into realities.

The process by which we achieve our success follows a proven process:

Listen To Our Clients – Our first step is to gain a clear understanding of what you want to accomplish.
• Identify and Analyze – Each project is different and the solution is not a one size fits all. This is when we do our homework and identify the steps required to effectively and efficiently address your project.
• Explain the Process – Considering your needs and our knowledge of the regulatory process, we determine the research and studies necessary to obtain the permits and authorizations required for the project to move forward. We may also suggest changes that could make the process less complex and/or costly.
• Agree on a Plan of Action and Begin Work – Our team gets down to business.
• Keep you Informed – Provide updates upon attaining project milestones and respond to your inquiries.
• Adapt – Should unexpected issues arise, we will work with you to make changes that keep the project moving forward.
• Meet Scheduled Deadlines – Like you, we know the importance of this and take it seriously.
• Coordinate and Communicate – Coastal Magnet’s professionals have excellent working relationships with many of the regulatory agency staff. If concerns arise, we work with the agencies to resolve them before they become issues.
• Complete the Process – Upon project completion, we ensure that all permit requirements are fulfilled, final documents and drawings/surveys are submitted and assist you in developing plan(s) to meet permit obligations extending beyond project completion (e.g. post-construction monitoring).
• Be There For You – Weeks, months or years later, if you have a question or want assistance making changes or starting something new, know that Coastal Magnet is standing by ready to assist you as we have been doing for our clients the past 36 years.

Miscellaneous Environmental Services

In 2012 Coastal Magnet undertook a study offshore from Galveston Island, Texas for the Environmental Protection Agency. The study involved sampling and chemical analysis of sediment in and adjacent to the designated offshore disposal areas for the material dredged from the Houston Ship Channel and its extension through Galveston Bay. The purpose of the study was to track dioxin- and furan- contamination that had leached from an abandoned landfill in the Houston area and was potentially associated with the channel sediment.

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