Coastal and marine engineering lies at the core of the expertise and experience of Coastal Magnet (Coastal Magnet). The specialties and capabilities of our coastal engineering professionals include the following:

Coastal Management

• Coastal Permitting
• Inlet Management
• Marsh & Wetland Restoration
• Sand Source & Borrow Area Investigations
• Physical Monitoring Studies
• Numerical Modeling
• Beach Access & Parking
• Coastal Storm and Flooding Assessments


• Dredge Permitting
• Channel Design
• Channel Maintenance Dredging
• Inlet Dredging
• Signage & Channel Markers
• Construction Management
• Environmental Monitoring

Erosion Control & Shore Protection

• Beach Restoration & Renourishment
• Dune Restoration & Walkovers
• Seawalls, Revetments & Bulkheads
• Groins & Jetties
• Breakwaters
• Alternative Marine Structures

Coastal Magnet has prepared both long-term regional coastal management plans as well as numerous site specific beach and dune restoration projects throughout the Southeast Region. We have assisted these communities in meeting their goals of restoring resources, enhancing economic stability, providing recreational benefits, and implementing flood and storm damage reduction measures.

Our services have included:

• historical data review
• field surveys & observations
• offshore & upland sand source searches
• feasibility studies
• economic/benefit analysis
• environmental resource mapping
• geotechnical analysis
• computer modeling of waves, tides & shoreline response
• beach & fill design
• borrow area geometry
• cost estimates
• project phasing & schedules
• financial spreadsheets
• construction plans & specifications
• permit coordination
• bid services
• funding coordination
• public hearings
• construction administration
• resident inspections

Our team members have been involved in planning and designing dozens of federal and non-federal navigation projects along the Gulf Coast. We are industry leaders in analyzing inlets and their impacts to adjacent beaches and estuaries. From decades of inlet management plan implementation, through recent permits issued for inlet reopening projects and associated beach nourishment activities, we have lead the way in technical achievement, regulatory prowess, and environmental concern. Our team members have successfully addressed the full range of inlet-related services including shoreline response, beach erosion mitigation, regional sediment budgets, channel design, hydrodynamic and water quality modeling, and environmental impacts.

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